Wednesday, March 29, 2006

She's ALIVE!

As the saying goes, "The tales of my death are greatly exaggerated." Or something like that.

I am still alive! Just not blogging. (see me not blogging?)

Why? Why, you ask. Well, it's been like this...

Spring cleaning of master bedroom, family in town, work, job search, finances, cleaning, laundry, orthodontist, book fair, Hebrew school, family still here, sick child, etc.

Now do you see?

See how blogging just DOES. NOT. FIT? Aggravating, yes. Have I had things to blog about? Yes. Do I remember any of them now? No, of course not.

And Spring has deigned to make an appearance. So I must partake in her splendor. How? Walking my son back to school after his orthodontist appointment yesterday and walking to the book fair and back. Time I could have spent blogging. Or not. My mental health needs sun and fresh air more than blogging at this time of year. MUST. MAKE. UP. FOR. LONG. AND. DREARY. WINTER. It's true. I actually live somewhere that has more overcast days than Seattle (for real). The sun shining is an instant holiday around here. Especially this time of year when we are just coming off the previously mentioned long and dreary winter. And the sun! It is shining! YAY!

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