Thursday, March 30, 2006


I really had to comment today about Lost. Really. Because O.M.G! Did you see last night's episode?

That map and the lockdown.

The whole 'who is Henry Gale' thing.

And Locke. I really like Locke. I always have. He really needs to stop being so trusting though. Also, I kept waiting for them to show us why he was in the wheelchair. I mean with him possibly needing it again and all. But no dice. So I sat on the edge of my seat and every flashback they showed I waited for it to happen. hmmm...

As for the whole poker thing? So what. It was nice to see Jack acting like a human again and not so controlling bully but really, he was still in control and it just didn't do it for me. Can't this guy ever NOT be in charge?

So in all? Glad I'm still watching. I still think we better get some more answers quick or I may have to hunt down the writers. But it felt, at least for last night, that they're moving the story along again.

Comments? Thoughts? What did you think about Lost last night? Do you watch it? Do you still watch it? What's the 411 on your Lost viewing?


Rachel said...

I felt the same way. I kept expecting to see Locke become paralyzed in all the flashbacks, but NO!

Did you catch that the woman buying the house that Locke inspected was Nadia, Sajid's lost love? Found that from another blog. I hadn't noticed that the first time.

Cary said...

That was one of the most awesome episodes ever! Of course any Locke episode tends to be fantastic.

I had a friend send me a picture of the map (it is scalable so you can make it bigger by enlarging the browser window). Very very interesting.

Here is the link:

Just 2 more days!!!