Friday, March 31, 2006


Tell me it is not really Friday. Tell me!

It is much too soon to be Friday. I have too much to do. I've had such a busy week and now the kids have the day off of school and I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO!

Apparently someone is trying to kill me with all the stuff I must do. Add to that the weather is PERFECT with a capital P. We're talking shorts and t-shirt weather. I want to go out and play. I do not want to Spring clean my bathroom and do eleventy million loads of laundry. But... time to go and get it done...

Later! I hope you all enjoy the weather (if it cooperates).


glorybe said...

oh, man. It is good to see I am not the only one feeling like this today. I only wish I had the motivation to post it. Oh, well, at least you will feel fulfilled when all the work is done.

Rachel said...

Okay, not to be too much of a smartass, but now it's MONDAY!