Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Ah... my show. It is back. And wonderful.

But 1 push and the kid is out? Please.

And what is that? Outer Mongolia? Vaughn has been hiding out with Mongolian monks?

I know it is all ridiculous but I love it still. And now I'm turning into Yoda to boot. To boot? Apparently my brain has been affected by all the spy/gadgety goodness.


I'm so happy it is back. And there are 5 - count 'em - FIVE - more episodes. And then I will have to buy it all on DVD. And my life will be complete.

And they better live up to the promises of explaining it all. I want to know it all. I'm not kidding here. These people do not explain the convoluted spy secrets and I will hunt them down and force them to write what happens and then hire back all the actors and film it. Then, once they give it to me on DVD, and only then, I will allow them to go back to their lives. And I learned all my torture devices from them. HA! Won't they be sorry when I strap them on the front of my minivan and speed around a parking garage. They'll have to tell me what happens then. Ahem.

So anyway, did anyone else catch the wondrous 2 hours of Alias tonight? What did you think?


DeAnn said...

I cannot read this post yet because it is just starting here and I'm TiVoing it. Grrrr, woman! Don't you know some of us live on the West Coast!! You're torturing me.

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on the "they better explain everything" mantra. I kept telling myself to record it, but it didn't work. DH scanned channels at 9:40 & I was pissed. I did see the one push & Mongolia, so I feel I didn't miss TOO much. I WILL be taping the last 5!!!


Cary said...

And this is the reason I had to miss Lost last night huh??? So you can have your Alias and 2 hours at that???

(I have to admit I have never seen an episode of Alias, although I have heard that it is very good. I guess there is always the DVDs...)