Tuesday, April 25, 2006

He's Home!

Thanks to Sharon for the link!

Yes, Zach is home. Right now he is snuggled deep in his bed. He is so tan it astounds me. His eyes are so blue it's startling. And he has just now stopped talking. Okay, not just now. It was when he fell asleep. I'd forgotten how much that child talks. And by how much, I mean NEVER. STOPS. No wonder it's seemed so quiet. The other boys talk louder to be heard above his constant chatter. Then he gets louder to be heard over them. Then I'm yelling to be heard above them all. It's madness I tell you! And I love every noisy minute of it.

Also? What is with this weather? I kept telling myself it would get cold again. Kept reminding myself about where I live. But when the daffodils bloomed and the forsythia and then the tulips? I started believing it was warm. And it would stay warm.

HA! Mother Nature got me again. It was in the 40's tonight. It's expect to get below freezing later. FROST people. FROST. I'm not happy. Alex's first baseball game was tonight (they lost) and it was FREEZING. My toes actually hurt when I was walking to the car. Pain from the cold! I may need to pull the winter coats back out for Thursday's game. Might, HA! It's only suppose to be in the 30's tomorrow and Thursday. Heavy coats it is. GAH!

Oh, and no news on the job front.


GosMMY said...

remember that phrase...I love every noisy moment of it! I will remind you when the time comes. Blessed peace I'm finding today....Loved having him in Fla, but that child NEVER STOPS TALKING..EVEN IN HIS SLEEP!

Heather said...

I hear you on the cold thing!! It snowed here yesterday. Granted, it didn't stick... but it was SNOWING!! Eeek!!

DeAnn said...

I can't believe it's so cold. What the heck?! It's almost May!!

Also, that is an awesome little graphic. You did add the name, though, right?!