Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Glamorous Life

Whatever glitch caused the disappearance of this site seems to have been taken care of. I'm back. Too bad I have nothing to offer.

I did have the opportunity to get my va-jay-jay checked out this morning. (Been dying for a chance to use that word.) How I love those appointments. *cough, cough, hack, hack, vomit* Not. But since it's been over two years it was past time to make sure I'm healthy. And I realized that I would totally skip it again but the boys are too young to lose their mother. Must stay healthy so I'm around for them.

And that brings me to the fact that I am now officially old. Yes, I've hit the magical age where one doctor's visit leads to referrals for more doctor visits and bloodwork. So not only did I do the dreaded va-jay-jay check (I shall use the term as often as possible) but I now get to have the girls smooshed tomorrow for the very first time. Baseline and all ya know. Then in a couple of weeks I get to have someone check out all my freckles and "beauty marks". Oh, how I hate the term beauty marks. There is nothing beautiful about mine. The alternative, moles, is so much less pleasant though. Maybe I shall call them bigger freckles. Freckles are so cute. Or maybe maxifreckles. No, reminds me too much of maxipads. Megafreckles? No. hmmmm...

I know, hyperfreckles. YES! Hyper as a prefix means over, above or beyond. That is what 'they' are. So that is my new word. I'm having my freckles and hyperfreckles checked by a dermatologist in a couple of weeks.

You think I am so pretty now don't you?

You just want to be me right now.

Ya, me either.

In other news, the dog has been groomed. I now can see how he's put on a few too many pounds this winter. (who hasn't) Time for a little doggie diet. And by diet I mean no more fat from the burgers and making more of an effort to keep they kids' snacks where he can't steal them.

My life, it is so glamorous.


Anonymous said...

A little doggie treadmill might not be a bad idea too. As always, just trying to help!


Alison Jameson said...

"va-jay-jay" - hah! My friend calls it her "hoo-hoo"; she's my 5-y-o's godmother, so "hoo-hoo" is now the word for it at my house. As in "get your hoo-hoo out of my face!" (We are nothing if not graphic here.)

Carmen said...

I've got to get the girls squashed too - let me know how it goes, ok? I'm dreading it big time.

GosMMY said...

How fitting....freckle was your very first word spoken..I knew you would deal with words from the beginning. You ARE so cute!

Amanda Sue said...

i also use the term "va-jay-jay" with reckless abandon. kudos to you!

"hyperfreckle" DOES sound so much better than "mole" or "beauty mark!" i have had to have numerous hyperfreckles removed. blah!