Tuesday, April 4, 2006

I'm Going to Say It Again

This daylight savings thing is just wrong. Wrong. Wrong. WRONG.

My oldest 2 are back to getting on the bus in the dark. No one wants to wake up. I've had to physically drag the littles from their beds and SCREAM at them to get ready.

I give up. I know I complain about this every year but PLEASE, for all that is good and sunny, someone, anyone, fix this. Make it stop.

Side Note: I tried to find my post about this from last year. It seems to not exist. Odd. I remember writing it. Another nail in the coffin of my memory.



They should declare the Monday after we spring ahead a holiday. 'Everbody Gets To Sleep In Day' My youngest stayed home yesterday she would not get out of bed. Just tuckered out!

moe said...

Yeah you have to drag them out of bed and they want to stay up late "'cause it's not even dark yet"

Tami said...

Don't I know it! I've overslept myself, the last two mornings. I don't even remember shutting off the alarm!