Monday, April 3, 2006


Ever have a day that no matter what you do people keep interrupting you?

Ever have a day filled with... a million things and yet it seems like you've got nothing accomplished?

Or perhaps a weekend full, full, full of things and now you can't remember what kept you so busy?

So yes, laundry and dishes are done. Anything else? Not so much.

BLOG: I finally have a new header up for April. It is another shot from my valentine's bouquet that my lovely husband was kind enough to surprise me with. Sigh.

JOB HUNT: It's still going on and on and on. Will it ever end? Not at this rate. I do have an interview set for Thursday. YES! Someone responded. However, I do not have high hopes. But yet I shall go.

CHILDREN: They NEED haircuts. Have I had time to do this? No. No, no, no. It's getting ridiculous. I've been trying for about 3 weeks. THREE. WEEKS. Talk about shaggy.

PARENTING: There's a new sheriff in town. Or maybe it's just time to put the ole foot down again. The children have been getting away with far too much. Time to hop back on the discipline train. Chores! Rules! Listening to their parents! (Well, I can dream can't I?)


In in all a very busy, unproductive time. Or just really busy and no time to preen over my accomplishments - or even remember them. Must go back to being busy...

1 comment:

DeAnn said...

Well, at least long hair is CUTE, so that one isn't a negative.

And, also, stalled weight loss isn't weight gain, so that's a good one too.

Just look at things with a twist! ;)