Monday, April 24, 2006

Job Hunt

Applications since 2/1/2006: 16
Interviews: 6
Job Offers: 2 so far, but I couldn't start immediately so they were offered to others. 2 still possible.

I'm ready to get off this rollercoaster. I want a job already. Also? I thought we'd be okay financially until June but no. The van needed work. Need I say more? I need to start a job May 1st. That was my goal from the start but that was so we'd have a cushion. Now I need it to buy groceries.

The interviews? All went well. It's so strange applying for jobs now that I'm older. I'm pickier. I mean, not to say I wouldn't take something just because we need more income but when I walk out of the interview I have a definite feel if it is a "fit" or not. Of the two possibles, one is a better fit but either would work well. Also, the ones I didn't get? None really felt right.

Strange fact: I have been the first interview for 5 out of 6 of them. The first person they saw in person. Do you know how hard it is to gauge how much they like you when you're the first person they see? Very difficult.

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cursingmama said...

Good luck with the two that are on the table.