Wednesday, April 5, 2006


I deleted this post because... OMG! What was I thinking? This website has my actual name in it. I must have been hallucinating from the prospect of an actual job. (BTW, the shower is a terrible place to have this revelation. It seems to take HOURS to finish what you are doing and get dry enough to not electrocute yourself or do permanent damage to your computer.)

So... I have two job interviews. That is all we need to know. I have no clear preference at this time. We will see how it goes. Also? Thanks for the suggestions. I'll take as many as people want to offer.

That is all. Let's hope my sanity has returned.


janjanmom said...

ALWAYS accept a job offered!!! You can always call back and tell them you have been offered a better paying position and you feel like you must accept it.

I need to think about it means they will call someone else while you are thinking.

Beth Fish said...

Say thank you for the offer, but you have an interview for another position already scheduled and will not be making any decisions until after that. Most places will respect that, they don't want to hire someone who is going to get a better offer and quit right away.