Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Holiday Weekend

Wow. I was totally knocked for a loop this past week. And no, it wasn't because of the new job. This cold is killing me! The headaches. The loss of voice. The gucky green snot.

And then the weather had to put it's two cents in and go from the 40's a week ago to 90 yesterday. Let's just say I felt like someone had poured molten lead into my limbs and chest.

On a good note, we had almost no obligations. This never happens. Usually the kids keep us running and running and running. Sunday we attended a nearby brunch with my parents and later a b-b-q at my mom's. Monday the boys all marched in the parade. A parade I can lazily walk down to the end of the street for with my cup of coffee, see some friends and walk home. Then my in-laws had a b-b-q last night. My life is rough, I know. In between all this being fed and such? We hung out at home. I was too headachy and exhausted to do anything so I watched the kids have a water balloon fight, read a book in bed and did a minimal amount of cleaning and feeding. Oh, I did give the boys haircuts.

I seriously can't believe how damn lazy I was. But it was seriously nice. Today though? Back to our regularly scheduled program of school, work, baseball and trying to decide what to feed everyone. Oh, and I should probably shop. We have NO food.

Thanks for reading another installment of "My life's so glamorous. You totally want to be me."


Sheryl said...

Wow, I was going to comment on that flower pic, the beautiful purple number 5, and when I clicked trhough from the feed, I got a totally different site! And now I realize all this time I thought I had been subscribing to your blog, when I;ve been subscribing to your photos! Okay, well, Ihave have some reading to do later.

Anonymous said...

I AM you.

Bloody Jack Cash