Friday, June 2, 2006


I'd like to introduce you to a great radio station. It's free. It's online. And, if you like the same music I do (alternative), it's got great music.

I'd ment to introduce you to the station before today but I kept forgetting and being sick and all (all praise Zythromax!) I never got around to it.

You may ask why I'm introducing you now... well, besides the fact that I love all of you and want to be able to enjoy great music, they are now having a fundraiser. Yes, I'm asking you to donate. If you enjoy it. It's a commercial free station which I love! I may have even mentioned in the past how much I DESPISE commercials on the radio. And, I'm too cheap/poor for that Sirius stuff.

One of the best parts of this fundraiser? The station is 20 years old this year. They started playing music from 1985 until they raised the first $1000. Now they are playing music from 1986 until they receive another $1000. You can even check their progress online. The fundraiser started at 6 this morning. Right now I'm listening to Big Mouth Strikes Again by The Smiths. Ah, 1986 - my youth.

So, take a break from licking your speakers when you hear the greatness and donate. We will all be richer for it. And if you can't/don't want to donate? You can still enjoy the greatness and a trip down memory lane.

**While thinking about this station there was so much I wanted to tell you. I wanted to tell you about the times they let local high school students DJ and about how they cover the local & indie music scene and, and, and... And then I remembered, this is the radio station that sent us to see the Dropkick Murphys. Oh how I love thee.

**It is now 1988. The year I graduated high school. God I'm old.

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TxSkatemom said...

1987. I graduated in 1987. So I'm older. sheesh. And Hub is constantly watching VH1, so it feels like the 80s never left our house.