Thursday, June 1, 2006

Eyeball Jelly and Razor Blades

Blinding headaches continue. Apparently while I was at work yesterday someone stuffed my sinus cavities with razor blades. My body has conceded defeat. It is welcoming death. My brain, however, has scheduled an appointment with a physician. We are hoping he will prescribe some razor blade/green snot killer, also known as antibiotics. Now I just have to get the littles and myself ready for the day and go to work. Work, a place that I am loving but will have to be productive at. Maybe my brain should have joined my body and just raced to the finish line. At least then I could get some rest without what was apparently Zach making good on his threat to squeeze the jelly out of my eyeballs. Guess I should let him do whatever he wants today so he will stop with the squeezing.

Time to wake the littles...

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