Friday, August 4, 2006


Go away if you are happy, I do not want to ruin your day.

The anger is giving me a headache. Seriously. And I do not have high blood pressure. Well, until this moment.

When I was a child/teen I would cry when I got really angry. It was an involuntary reaction that usually made me more angry because nothing is worse than being angry at someone and then crying in front of them. I have not cried in anger in years. I’m very close to tears right now.

If M&T bank was a physical entity in front of me right now it would be dead. And dismembered.

I am not exaggerating for effect. I am that angry.

I do not know how they can call what they are doing legal. I just don’t know how this can be an actual business practice. How do they still have customers and how has someone not torched the place yet?

I can’t even call and bitch because I would not be nice and I know the poor person on the phone did not make the rules. It is not their fault and I don’t want to be mean to someone who is just doing their job. Of course if I knew who planned this I would gladly hunt them down and kill them give them an earful.

What is it that I’m so angry about? What has inspired this wrath?

  1. When asking them to send a check to someone they look at the date you enter to pay the bill and then estimate when they need to send it so it will get there on time. What this means: I want a bill sent on 8/4 (Friday, when we get paid) and they send it on 8/1 when there is very little money in our account. You say, adjust your payment schedule. I say, I have always had to figure on the time it takes for a bill to be paid, I should not have to figure out how long THEY think it will take to arrive.

  2. When they send the check on 8/1 they remove the money from our account and put it in a “special” account. Our records show the bill has been paid even if the check hasn’t been cashed. HOW IS THIS LEGAL??? When I asked what happened if someone didn’t cash the check for a month they told me the money sat in the “special” account. Not OUR account. A “special” account. If we wanted we could call and find out if it cleared and if it hadn’t we could stop payment. HELLO? Am I the only one who finds this completely INSANE? We don’t get to know when checks clear unless we CALL THEM? They get to hold our money in this “special” account. What the fuck?

  3. Because of this insanity, they refused to pay 2 of our bills, charged us 2 NSF fees ($19 each) and say our account is $400 overdrawn. They also show that we have $600 in our overdraft account (not being used). If they had proceeded in a sane, coherent, not fucked up way we wouldn’t have even touched the overdraft account. Or they could have paid at least ONE bill. Or they could have jumped off the top of a very tall building so I would not have to hunt them down and KILL THEM.

And NOW, I am ANGRY. Very angry. And NOW, everyone else is pissing me off. I hate people. Not real people as in the poor saps who have to answer the phone when I call just so they can pay their mortgage but the people who came up with this fucked up insanity. Since I’ve been at work I’ve gotten angry at the people behind website designs and the NYS Health people who designed some fucked up system they want us to start using and well, EVERYONE who is acting INSANE and FUCKED UP.

I need a drink and it’s only 11 in the morning. And also? I’m afraid to work on anything because everything I touch has gone wrong today.


cursingmama said...

You're right - that is all very, very wrong. I personally use a different bank with one of those Laura Ingalls Wilder style horse wagon deals for their logo - and they don't do any of that shit. They're a huge conglomerate and they can occasionally make me upset (like with not giving me free ATM withdrawls where-ever I like and instead charging me $3 - and I'd like donuts waiting when I have to wait in line at the drive-up for 20 minutes) but the bill pay, and ability to fix things with a banker face to face has all been good.
I don't know if it helps - but if you have the ability to switch it might be an alternative. (oh - and they help with the switching too)

GosMMY said...

DOWN WITH M&T BANK!!! To the attorney general!!! A call to arms. by the way....changing banks the day before yesterday is a great idea. That practice can not be legal...If no one ever cashed the check, the bank earns the money...for what reason, may I ask????

Heather said...

I would recomend paying your bills through the company's website. It takes a little more time, but then you know that the money is getting to them and not "lost in the mail." I just go onto my credit card sites and car payment sites and they do a direct debit from my account.

It doesn't solve your current problem, but if you don't want to switch banks it could solve any future problems.

The Queen Mama said...

Man, that makes my head hurt just thinking about it. I don't blame you for being torqued off. Go have some chocolate or wine...or both! Hope the rest of your day improved.