Tuesday, August 1, 2006

I Am Dead

I melted.

Then I evaporated.

I am now one with the pea soup air. The HOT pea soup air.

Or, I've just been busy.

One of the things that has kept me busy (besides kids and work and the rockin' HARD booties (hee, I said booty) I knit) has been playing a of couple games a company called Snap TV sent me for the kids.

The games are played on the TV with the DVD player and remote. They sent me a game called Eco-Rangers. The verdict from the kids? The questions were good for the 7-11 year olds - too hard for the 5 year old - but the graphics and music were aimed for the younger set. Overall the kids liked it though.

The other game is called family showdown Kids vs Parents. This was fun although the parents don't get a turn until the kids miss a question. This means they can win with the parents never even getting a turn. If it switched after the each level I think it would be more interactive and entertaining for everyone. Other than that though, the kids enjoyed it. The questions worked for everyone (remember we had all age groups) although it seemed some of the kids' questions were harder than the parents'. Again, it was fun. We all played together and enjoyed ourselves.

Overall I would check out other games by Snap TV. The kids liked them although they were educational and with my kids that's a hard sell.

So there is my bit of selling myself for free games for the kids. Now I must feed the children and take them to soccer. Of course, I'm dead, so this is going to be tough.


cursingmama said...

Did you find a "booty" pattern thats working and doesn't look like something the cat threw up? I remember what magazine my favorite pattern is in - I just can't put my hands on it.....

It really truly was a holiday issue of Family Circle Knits (or whatever they called their knitting magazine which is now part of vouge). I want to say it was 2002 - base on the age of my nephew.

donna said...

Hope the booties are for someone else~ tehe.
Remind me again when gymnastics is? Maybe you can stop over and visit.
Would love to catch up~