Friday, October 20, 2006

Where I Empty My Head To Nobody

It's been so long - so very, very long since I've posted that I'm sure I've lost all my readers. SO! That means I can write anything and no one will be disappointed or bored or judgmental by my ramblings but me. Ah, one way to ease back into blogging. I find when I'm away for more than a couple of days I get self-conscious and don't know where to start so I don't and then time stretches out and it gets harder and harder to begin. But today I begin again!

A hint as to why I've been absent:

Today's actually To-Do List:
  • make lunches

  • send PE excuse (AJ) call school

  • e-mail TJ's teacher about upcoming absences

  • schedule stitch removal (AJ)

  • photo shoot at worm farm

  • pack overnight bags (all)

  • *photos of A &T before dropping them off at friend's (Their 1st dance - AAhhhhh!)

  • grocery shop!!!

  • check mail for YARN!

  • laundry (children need jeans)

  • try to get Nov. 15th off (mom)

  • DKM!!!!
This looks oddly similar to previous days in the past 2 weeks. That is, if you add a couple of doctor appointments, change schedule stitch removal to adenoid removal and added punish child for throwing wooden ax at brother.

Now I must really get back to work (as in my actual job that I get paid for)...

*Note: I have already accomplished the 1st 3. Still need to get to the rest!

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cursingmama said...

reminds me I need to order more yarn -
the socks are not so successful...