Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Where I tell all...

Ah ha! Someone asked and now I tell...

1. The worm farm: A friend was designing PR materials for a worm farm and needed photos of worms and worm poop. So that is the worm farm story. Odd and actually interesting (they sell to golf courses, landscapers & hotels and such). Worm poop - help your garden grow. Also, it is unbelievably hard to light worms and their poo. Really. Although, I must point out that lighting is not my strong suit and it's been about a million years since I was in school. It falls under the category of "I know it can be done - just not by me." That was really my mantra in college. I knew my visions could be realized and I knew people who could pull them off. I just wasn't one of them. Add this to the list of reasons I never made it in photography.

2. The wooden ax: For those not in the know (everyone but family and CursingMama), TJ threw a wooden ax at AJ in anger. Apparently they were playing war with some of the neighborhood kids and AJ "shot" his brother. TJ did not want to be shot so he threw the item in his hand. That happened to be a wooden ax from the Renaissance Festival. After turning and ducking, AJ got beaned in the back of the head. He now has 1 stitch (yes, just one) which I forgot to take him to get removed yesterday. I know, you are stunned by my superior parenting.

The punishment for that act was being my slave for a couple of days. The house was quite clean and the child learned to do laundry but alas, such slave owning is quite time consuming so it had to end. Also, the best punishment was when they both came into the house to tell on/defend TJ and AJ removed his hands from the back of his head. Head wound = horror movie amounts of blood. They both screamed as if they had lost an appendage at the exact same time. Here it should be noted that TJ's not so good with the blood thing. It took me longer to calm down his hysterical crying, dry heaving and hyperventilating then it did to calm the injured party. He is still visibly shaken when the incident is mentioned.

3. DKM: Anyone who has been around since last year may already know this one. Dropkick Murphys. We bought tickets this year. And - I am officially old. I loved the show but it was so loud that the lyrics were unintelligible and a couple of songs just degenerated into noise. See - OLD. But the bagpipes rocked and that is when I decided more men should wear kilts.

4. Knitting: This was not on the list but I'm putting it here anyway. I've been knitting. And frogging. A lot of frogging. My non-existent sock (see "lots of frogging"). And now a new purse. I love knitting purses. And I love this yarn. The warmth and felting ability of wool without the allergy medication needed to work with it.

All in all I'm horrifically stressed. Too many things coming up too fast and no money to smooth the transitions. GAH! Now to reschedule the stitch removal!

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