Tuesday, November 7, 2006


Look me! Still alive. I'm as surprised as you - maybe more. I wasn't sure I would make it through the last couple of weeks. I don't think I've ever been that busy. Ever.

The stress! GAH! And I'm not talking about sock stress either. No sock was harmed during the stress. I kept far away from the sock.

As for what was causing all of the stress? I think I've blocked most of it from my mind. I know Halloween was in there. There was a road rally that my husband and I planned with some friends. Family portraits. Blood, stitches, Dr. appointments, class parties, book fairs, work, not sure what else. But all of that? At the same time? TOO MUCH TO DO ALL AT ONCE. And I totally deserve to use caps here so back off.

Now all we have left this month is surgery, Thanksgiving, and a new nephew to be born any time between now and December 1st-ish. (It is a baby after all. They're not so good with time and calendars and such.)

One last note... Do you know those people who seem to be moving even though they are standing still? They tend to be a bit high-strung, stressed. They remind me of hummingbirds. Well, starting on Halloween I was one of those people. Me. Vibrating through my days. Me. The person who is usually mellow and relaxed and ok, I'll say it, lethargic. Somehow my cells were vibrating with the stress. And I kept forgetting things. Things like words. Yes, words. (Can you see why I wasn't blogging?) Other things that happened were things like Halloween night going into the fridge and wondering why there was a gallon of cider sitting there. It somehow seemed wrong. And then I remembered... I was suppose to drop it off that morning for one of the kids' Halloween parties at school. There was also the day I forgot all about the stitch removal appointment and then rescheduled it for the day/time I was suppose to help set up the book fair at the primary school.

But today, today I'm not vibrating. Things are finally settling down. All I have today is work until 2, bank, gas, home, pick up child from cub scouts at 4:30, karate at 5, another kid to cub scouts at 6:30. Oh, and feed them all dinner and vote. And let's not forget homework. But I'll get into that another day.

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cursingmama said...

AHHHHHH Right back at ya!
Glad to hear that there has been no loss of limbs or unfortnate axe accidents in your absence.
I know how you feel about the TO MUCH TO DO and forgetting of the words - sometimes I actually look at one of the kids or the old man & mention that I have no idea wtf I'm trying to say or why. If it weren't for my big yellow legal pad I'd forget everything. If I forget to look at it - we're in big trouble.