Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter Has Arrived

I've been wanting winter to rear it's ugly head for the last couple of weeks because, hello?, hundreds of dollars spent on various things to allow the oldest two to ski this winter and there has been NO SNOW. Barely a flake. Not even cold enough for the slopes to make their own. The slopes have been CLOSED. Not just down to one or two runs but completely CLOSED all month. So yes, I've been wishing for snow for January and February. Then it can totally go back to 50 degrees and I'll be happy.

Then winter arrived yesterday. A winter of freezing rain. Two days now of freezing rain, icy roads and my ancient Maple tree about to split down the middle. The branches are touching the ground as I type. I'm just happy the kids already had today off and I had child care in line or I might have been screwed. Because we rarely have snow days for snow. They are usually for ice. Like the inches of ice that are now covering every exposed surface. Pretty? Yes. A pain? Yes. Dangerous? Double yes. I'm waiting to hear the power went out as we speak. (For those who don't experience ice storms - ice coats all the power lines and drags them to the ground, breaking them - or tree limbs fall from the weight of the ice and snap the frozen lines. Think sump pumps not running and power outages and mass chaos for days to weeks. Yes, weeks.)

Ah, the ice storm. Such a harsh mistress.

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