Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm not really back

I know. It's been a month and nary a word. In fact, yesterday I decided to toss out my blogging title and was trying to decide if I should just leave it up, abandoned, or delete the whole thing. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew if I gave it up I would be back here typing. I'm not sure why I do that. The rebel in me just can't give up. As long as I recognize I'm giving up, I'll be back. You now have confirmation of what a freak I really am.

I shall now taunt you with the "things on my mind that I must get out or go mad". Starting from the present and working back...

  • This morning I was woken at a bit after 5am (A!M!) to say goodbye to the husband. The one who is leaving for Michigan after work for a job. He's suppose to be back late tomorrow but he is driving to Michigan by way of Canada and the Great Lakes in February. February. Let's let that sink in.
  • I proceeded to lie in bed and noticed a distinct dripping sound. As in, dripping into my bedroom (or so I thought).
  • My husband returned looking for his birth certificate. No, we don't have passports. Not because we wouldn't love to travel to another country but because we can't even afford 6 passports, never mind travel expenses. Besides, trips to Canada have never required them but now, now I must budget in passports. I have a year to get them all. Well, to be truthful, I'm guessing more than a year since we have no immediate plans for a trip north next year but if we don't have them, we'll need them. Anyway, no birth certificate. I must locate it and bring it to him this afternoon after work.
  • Husband also assured me the dripping was from outside as the wall is dry. I'm still guessing the drip in onto my ceiling in the attic and it is only a matter of time before it gives way and I have a flood in my room.

  • ~side note of importance: Today is the first day in several weeks the temperatures have exceeded freezing. We have also gotten between 2 and 3 feet of snow during this time.
    ~another side note of importance: We have Spring plans for a roof replacement. One that the husband will be doing with help from any and every willing body as we do not have NINE GRAND to hire someone to do it. Although in the plan? We were only doing the porch roofs because I am afraid to let the husband on the very high main roofs since he has a habit of falling off ladders and such and the main roof is very steep and many, many feet above the ground. The roof above our bedroom is not a porch roof.

  • I found evidence of yet another freaking mouse. I am tired of the mice. They need to leave now. The body count this winter has been high and I'm ready for the death (and constant cleaning) to be over.
  • I have a child that has "fuzz" above his lip. FUZZ. I'm not ready for fuzz. He has also been having a growth spurt and every day insists he is taller than me until I prove him otherwise. Every. Day.
  • I have another child that asked, "What is puberty?" When asked why he was asking such a question he replied, "Beacuse XX* said he was starting puberty." Now it is of great interest to the questioning party what exactly is happening to his older brother. I'm guessing so he will be prepared for when it happens to him. Each individual detail gets reported to me. I. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. KNOW. Really. I don't.
  • The sports schedules are killing me. KILLING ME. And baseball season hasn't even started. GAH!
Must get ready for work now...
*to protect the innocent. Although, I'm sure it is obvious.

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