Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Have you ever noticed how hott roofers are? And I do mean hott with 2 t's. Seriously. I've always gone for the smart guys. The funny, smart guys. But suddenly I'm realizing how insanely attractive a man who physically labors is. Men who can fix my leaking roof. Hott!

God! How did I not realize this before?

Obviously I'm an idiot.

In other news, DST is kicking my ass. And now with the weather acting all manic depressive I seem to be fighting yet another sinus thing. I do not like the fighting of sinus things. On the one hand, the children had the day off of school last week, Tuesday to be exact, because of the extreme, bitter -25 with windchill cold. Yesterday, also a Tuesday, it was 60 degrees. This turn of events makes me very happy even while causing my sinuses to plot my death. Unfortunately, as I mentioned the Mother Nature is feeling very unstable and while she is currently feeling manic in a mere 2 days time she is expected to plunge back into her depression.

I'm hoping the roofers manage to finish the job before the depressed mother returns as I like the stripping of clothing that the sudden heat wave has inspired. That and I have great hopes that none of them plunge to their deaths when the cold, ice and winds return. Also, a finished roof would make me greatly happy. Look! A roof that doesn't leak! Is it even possible?


GosMMY said...

it HAS been a long winter, hasn't it. You need a vacation.

CursingMama said...

I've seen a hott roofer or two in my day....might even dated a roofer type person.

Soon it will be time for those hott lawn mowing, house painting without shirts on guys to return. And by hott I mean no beer gut fine looking well tanned and toned looking men....oooooooohhhhhhh

Heather said...

Oh yes... I like me some roofers. My husband is a framer and so the muscles and the removal of the shirts is also prevelant in his job. Is it bad to tell him his boss is hot?

kate5kiwis said...

i guess you've had lotsa props for that little acronym: very clever, i love it. i have four boys, and a girl, out blogsurfing, found ya.
hi from new zealand!!!!!!
love that hott post.... *takes a breath*