Monday, April 16, 2007


I got up at 5 freakin' 30 this morning. FIVE-THIRTY. This is not a normal occurrence. Usually I get up at 6:40. See the difference here? 5:30. 6:40. 70 whole minutes of sleep is the difference.

Anyway, every other Monday I must get up at the crack ass of dawn so I can get to work and get some stuff done before a meeting I have later in the morning. So today, the first day after April vacation, I get up. I drag the children from bed, manage to have almost everyone ready to walk out the door for just past seven and the phone rings...

A neighbor has seen one of my children waiting for the bus. In the snow. (Have I mentioned it's APRIL SIXTEENTH????) And school was canceled. Was it canceled when I watched the news while making coffee? No. Was it canceled while I made lunches? No. Was it canceled while I dragged children from bed? No.

It was canceled while I was in the shower and everyone was getting ready.

See the evidence:

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Cary said...

We got a few random flurries yesterday but that was it, thankfully. However this unusually cold weather has taken it's toll on all of the dogwoods around here. The annual Dogwood Festival just won't be the same.