Friday, July 13, 2007

Product Reviews

Unlike the big name bloggers, I don't get products to review all the time. But, once and a while a nice marketing person sends something to me addressed to my blog. I'm very bad about writing reviews and I'm not going to praise something just because someone sent it to me for free. Honestly, the last three things I've been sent have been things I don't use. So therefore, no review. Except...

Since these items were lying around my house I did use them. So now that it's been ages since they've been sent I figured the least I could do is tell you about them.

#1. Febreze Noticeables
Okay, I caved. This was my initial reaction to the product over a YEAR ago. But the stench from the boys' room got to me so I plugged the damn thing in hoping it would keep me from keeling over from the adolescent stench. And guess what? It did. And I bought more. What's more? No headache. I always get a headache from scented things but not this.

I used the Morning Walk/Cleansing Rain scent and it is lovely. Since I have tried the Calypso Breeze/Hawaiian Paradise and I'm not as fond of that one. It's a bit too sweet smelling for me.

So I must admit, I now have 3 of these things in my house. The older boys' room (the initial test area), the playroom (where they spend most of their days), and the laundry room (where they leave their shoes). They really work and if I can find a scent combo I like, you certainly can (there are many now).
#2. Keri Moisture Therapy Lotions
I'm not a lotion person. I have a wee bit of sensitive skin and most lotions cause me to get hives. I think it may be the fragrance. (See above) Why yes, I am a pain in the ass to send samples to. Anyway, I had no intention of using this product. I stuck one in the upstairs bathroom and one in the downstairs in case someone was in need of lotion but I was certain it would not be me and maybe even no one. I was actually picturing me tossing them in a couple of years when they had been sitting there unused in a massive clean up event. (Like in ten years when we move.)

Okay, so you guessed it. I was sitting at lacrosse one day and leaning on my black pants when low-and-behold, white flakes all over my pants. Seems like my arms were flaking everywhere. Totally disgusting. No, I did not go home and smooth some of that fine, free lotion on. I went home and forgot all about it in the chaos of putting 4 boys to bed.

A few days later however, my arms were still flaking and it was starting to itch. I got out of the shower and the one moisturizer I do use and always use because - hello, no hives - was in the other room. (Have I mentioned I am excessively lazy?) So I grabbed the bottle of Keri Shea Butter and squirted some out and smoothed it on. It smelled good but not sweet or perfumey. Then I waited. I figured if the hives appeared I'd jump back into the shower and hunt down my regular stuff. Then I waited a bit more. Nothing. And it smells much better than my old stuff.

Also, totally took care of the flaking. Quickly. It was better by the next day and completely gone the day after. I used the product twice. Now I use it whenever I'm feeling a bit flaky. My legs love it after I shave. Thank you Keri people who sent it to me. I would have never bought it on my own and I love it. But I'm still not a lotion person (you know the ones, they use lotion everyday, several times a day) so it may be a while before I need to replace the bottles you sent.

#3. Febreze Candles
As you can see above - NOT A SCENTED CANDLE PERSON. But, I do love Febreze products and they are very lovely and beautiful people who send me stuff and get me addicted to their products. So... I totally stuck it on a shelf in the foyer where the ugly red carpet that must be ripped out because it is ugly and horrible and the dog pees on it so it smells resides. And then, I never lit it because I. AM. NEVER. HOME. ANYMORE. Will the sports stop already?

Sorry. But just for this review, I did (today). They sent me Apple Spice & Delight. I'm thinking Linen & Sky or Spring & Renewal or Meadows & Rain would have been more to my liking but whatever. Free. The whole deal with the candle is it has a core of the febreze odor-eliminating stuff. I pink puffy heart febreze odor-eliminating stuff. Their fabric spray is God-like in its rulingness (totally a word).

The results? Slight sent of apple spice and pretty much nothing else. Seems like yet another success. GAH! Can't anyone send me a product I hate? I'm not sure if I would trash it or just not report but at least it would be more interesting than - it works! It's great! Try it!

Now to find the crow bar to rip out offending carpet. Really must do that soon.

Updated to add: One of the children seems to be allergic to the candle. So! Not a success. I think I will just stick with the plug-in things.


Lyvvie said...

I've never been sent stuff to review...I'm Jealous! I have to move back to America.

Thanks for the ego boost *kiss*

KinnicChick said...

I've been blogging quite some time now. I've never been sent stuff either. *hrumph*

Oh wait. I take that back. I boasted once about how much I liked a particular sandwich and suddenly received an email from the company saying that if I sent them my snail addy they'd send me a free sandwich coupon and that they really appreciated the product endorsement.