Thursday, August 23, 2007

For the Record

I have never said the Biltmore's Who's Who was a scam.

I was responding to a letter I received from them. A letter stating I was an outstanding executive/business person. At the time I was a stay-at-home mom. I have never been an executive nor a business person.

Please person from Biltmore that keeps e-mailing me... stop trying to sell me on what a great networking opportunity it is. I do not care. I'm sorry your son cut his eyebrow. And yes, it shows me you read at least one other post on my site. It will not sway me if you tell me how you kept reading because you could relate.



Heather said...

Seems like this woman is having a hard time getting it. Perhaps a I AM NOT INTERESTED in big letters in e-mail form would do the trick??

If not I can send you the e-mail from the man from Africa that wants me to cash his check and send him 60%. Then you could have twice the fun!!

KinnicChick said...



I have a LOT of spammers we could point her way... ROFL...

Derailed Poet said...

Hi There!

Today I was graced with my very own Biltmore who's who and my first thought was they don't check people out very well. First off I haven't worked in yrs (so forget the being a pro) and I got a DWI in 2003, that wouldn't look too good. I have been sober for 5 yrs on Dec 16th, maybe that's why they want to award me? lol As I was googling them, I ran across you. ;) Have a great weekend. Janet aka Derailedpoet