Thursday, August 9, 2007


Time has become the enemy. There never seems to be enough of it. It just flies by and leaves me exhausted with nothing much accomplished. ("Yes", I hear you saying, "and yet here you are blogging." Shut it.)

There is suddenly so much I want to do but I'm afraid I'm using all my energy on the planning stage and there will be none left for the actual doing stage. (What is that you say? Why yes, I have done this before.)

I've started a decluttering sweep through the house and it is taking me much longer than they make it look on all those clean house type shows. Then I get disheartened and start doing other things like planning what I shall do when the decluttering is finished. And then of course, I must estimate costs on renovations and such to see what we can actually afford to do (nothing). And then I realize I'm still only halfway through our bedroom and the youngest kids' room is becoming recluttered and it was the only room almost finished. (Yes almost. Enough with the snide comments already. Geesh!)

So now I have two almost finished rooms. Ten not even started rooms. And I need someone to tell me - WHAT, in the name of Niecy the Style Diva do I do with all the sell/give away stuff until I finish the house? I was thinking of doing a 1 day sale with scheduled VOA pickup the following day but where do I put it all in the meantime???

And how do I finish the whole house by the last weekend in August? Especially since I will on vacation for one of those weeks? (No, I will not tell you which one.)

Do you find it odd that I hear your comments while writing? No, I wouldn't say I hear voices exactly. What I meant was... I suppose it's time to make dinner.


Keri said...

Isn't it true how they make the decluttering look so easy and fast and yet it takes FOR-freakin'-EVER??? That's why I basically took everything to storage as I was packing to move to the new house. I was trying really hard to get rid of things and declutter and then I'd put what I was keeping in a storage bin and put it in storage. Then I'd bring one bin at a time (as I could) to the new place to unpack. AND GO THROUGH IT AGAIN! I was getting rid of things yet another time as I unpacked.

Of course, a person can't go that slowly if they have kids. And a person can't exactly MOVE every time they want to de-clutter. heh.

Amanda Sue said...

i'm doing the same thing here. today, i am moving the "clutter pile" from the extra bedroom to the library. and next weekend is our garage sale. i hate having garage sales - i would way rather have someone haul it off, but we could use some extra cash.

good luck. don't get buried in stuff!

Cursing Mama said...

I stopped having sales a few years ago after I gave up all that time pricing the crap, setting up the garage, spent money on an ad, and then took 2 days off of work to have the damn sale. I made some nice money - but the effort was not worth the reward.
Now I record everything in a tax program from H&RBLOCK which assigns it an irs value, take it to Goodwill and take the deduction on my taxes. The more frequent my trips to Goodwill the better.