Friday, September 14, 2007

Middle Name Meme

A meme from me! Really. I know I try to avoid them but since this one is floating about and I'm avoiding real life, I thought I'd try it.

So, my middle name. Much to my husband's chagrin I replaced my middle name for my maiden name when we got married. Do I do my original name? My current middle name?

I shall vote for the current middle name. Besides, 2 e's? That's just hard.

Middle name: Miller

M: Well, Mom of course, duh.
I: Slightly insane.
L: Lazy, nuf' said
L: Loquacious
E: Still stuck with the darn E. I'll go with eclectic.
R: Rabid. No, no, ragged. No, well sort of. How about refined. Hahahaha. Sorry, making myself laugh. I guess I'll go with reliable. Usually. Except this past week.


gosmmy said...

L loquacious
E eloquent
E endearing

what's so hard about that??

Ninotchka said...

hey! perfect filler. borrowing for my blog. hope you don't mind. :)

zoot said...

A anal-retentive
N nerdy
N nice

KinnicChick said...

M erry-maker (hahaha)
A anal-retentive (I SO stole that)
R eader
I ntroverted
E nergetic (if I write it maybe it will make it so...)

Are you ever going to blog again?

Yeah, I thought joining the delurk day was a good idea because I also have commented far less since reading via a feed reader. Putting the blogroll on my new wordpress blog was helpful but it doesn't show the updated blogs, so I still read via the reader. *sigh*

Thanks for the comment. :)

Carmi said...

Z - Zealous
V - Voracious consumer of life
I - Innately curious

This might be the first meme I've ever actually completed. OMG!