Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Winds of Change

The winds of change are blowing. Actually, they've been blowing for quite a while around here and have now reached gusts of near hurricane forces. As this blog pops up second when you google my name, I don't feel comfortable discussing said changes until they are completed.

I will say, the invites are out! My oldest is about to turn thirteen. Yes, a TEENAGER. His Bar Mitzvah is on his birthday and it is rapidly approaching. I have a feeling we've missed many of the plans we're suppose to make but well, it's our first time. And I have no idea. Also, he is officially taller than me and his feet have been larger than mine for quite some time now. It is an odd sensation looking directly into your offspring's eyes. I'm sure it will be even weirder when I have to look up.

Happy Thanksgiving to all (one) of my readers who are left.

(No, I shall not discuss my absence. It is what it is.)

Must get ready for the holiday...


KinnicChick said...


Wende said...

Oh, congrats to you and your boy! I'm behind you by 2 years... but the my boy is already tall enough to make me nervous. Of course, his father is 6'3' so I knew he'd be tall--ish. :D I'm keen on the idea of hauling around my own personal step-stool so I can always be taller than him. Heh.

Blessings on the big day. (I'm here via Keri!)

Cursing Mama said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

KinnicChick said...

I just put a bow on the last box of truffles for the big corporate party this weekend! WOOHOO!

Hugs again. Hope all is well. You cannot imAgine how windy it is here tonight. Wind chills are suppose to be sub-zero. Brrrrrrr.

Is it THAT windy there? ;) Seriously, though... Hugs. I'm going to start yoga again. NEXT week.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it! 13!!!
Where does the time go?
I've got 2 teenagers, yeppers chickie, you read that right TWO!
***sniff, sniff*** Nelson is taller than me now and Austin is looking me in the eyes. Cameron is still shorter than me, but he is only eight.
Love reading about you and keeping up with you and the fam. Been missing ya.