Sunday, March 2, 2008

I've Become One of Those People

I used to be a person who followed directions religiously. Seriously. To. The. Letter. Who knew what would happen if I veered off the straight and narrow. I might *gasp* do it wrong. And wrong was bad. Wrong was unacceptable.

But now, now I'm a rebel. Now I can't seem to follow directions without changing things up.

It started with recipes. I'd substitute this thing here or that thing there. Usually because I didn't have exactly what I needed or couldn't find it at the store. Then I started knitting and apparently I bore easily. So I'd make the handle on a purse different or make a different brim or add the beginning of a thumb to my fingerless gloves.

And now? Now I can't stop. Now I can't follow any direction without changing things mid cook or mid knit. It's a sickness. I start out trying to stick with the pattern or recipe and then all of a sudden I throw caution to the wind and change it up. Usually it turns out okay. Sometimes it works out wonderfully. Sometimes not so much.

Somehow it's like I let my inner rebel out and now she won't go back.

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