Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Five

  • $420 later and my van is so quiet it’s actually unsettling. I forgot a vehicle could be that silent.

  • It is the last official day of Spring break and I just remembered the projects 2 of the kids were suppose to be working on over break. Whoops! Guess I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

  • My doctor and I have been playing phone tag. All I want is for him to order a blood test to rule out something. I don’t want a whole appointment. Also, I think he thinks I’m a complete hypochondriac at this point. All the tests so far have shown I’m FINE. But the pain is telling me that diagnosis is wrong.

  • The weather is so beautiful it’s making me giddy. I ate my lunch outside in the sun yesterday. Without a coat! I’m not a big outdoor person but this is my absolute favorite weather and I want to weep when forced to go indoors for something like work. A place with tinted windows that do not open – in other words, no fresh air and it always looks a bit gray out. BAH.

  • This whole Texas, locked compound, child abuse thing has been stuck on my mind ever since yesterday morning when I saw the brainwashed zombie mom’s on the Today show. They didn’t once deny anything. Not once did they say “No.” What the women did say was they love their children and their children love them. That if they had abused them, the kids wouldn’t love them. And love, love, love. And the kids cried when taken away. So the kids must love them. And that means they can’t have been abused.It made my skin crawl. It’s been proven that even kids whose parents abuse them usually still love them. They know no different. And they will cling and cry when being removed from all that they know. I can’t tell you how much I wanted these women to say, “No. There is no abuse. No, children aren’t being married to grown men and impregnated at 13.” I really wanted it to be a situation where people were freaked out by others who were “different” and not have all the allegations be true. All those children being taken away. What they’ve lived through and now all they still have left to endure – it makes me incredibly sad.

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Cursing Mama said...

How did you convince someone to take those kids off your hands for only $420?

Wait, you made your van quiet some other way didn't you? Maybe sound proof glass like in limos?