Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Five

  1. I'd just like to point out that NO ONE helped me find more ways to be a more earth friendly person. I know I could do some research online but I was hoping for ways you (all 2 of you that read here) do your part. And to be honest, I was maybe hoping for easy things to do. As for my family starting to compost again, I'm working on it. I'm guessing it will be a while since the husband's response to the subject was, "Yeah, go for it." Which means - it's all you (me). So ya. I'm guessing this means I have to go to the local big orange box store and find supplies for a yard waste cage thing and try to find a way to finance an actual compost bin since we live in a village now and we don't want the kitchen waste smelling up the place. Have you seen the cost? Those things are expensive for what amounts to a big plastic box.

  2. On the mention of possibly getting a hybrid... according to the research we've done, biodiesel would be a better choice for the type of driving we do around here. Unfortunately it's not currently available. But maybe it will be by the time we can afford to purchase a new car. (This is where I would normally send a shout out to a friend of ours that is currently working to rectify this problem to get a move on but since no one in my offline life knows about this blog... not really appropriate.)

  3. Why does my 13 y/o son get chatty when a) I'm in a hurry to get out the door, b) I'm standing in a towel trying to get a little privacy so I can get dressed, c) He's late for something? Does he want to chat over dinner? No. Does he want to chat while I'm cooking dinner? No. How about when we're riding in the car together? No, never. This is when he forgets how to speak and answers any questions or comments with grunts.This results in my standing there trying to keep my towel on and listening when I should be getting ready to leave. It also results in me being late to work on the day I'm suppose to be leaving early to watch his first baseball game of the season. (and probably the only one I'll get to this year) Does anyone have a solution to this? Please? Help.

  4. I'm very sad the nice weather will be leaving us again. Predictions of rain, thunder storms and cold for the next week. Yes, I know it's April and this is western NY. Yes, I know I've been spoiled. But the weather has made me so happy. The flowers and leaves have literally sprung up overnight and now I'm guessing the storm will pull all the petals off. The worst part? I have not had a chance to photograph one single flower. And when I get the chance (tomorrow) it will be pouring. H.A.T.E. working full time.

  5. As for the job I've been whining about... a) I've decided it could be a much worse job, b) I should feel privileged to HAVE a full time job with great benefits, c) I can not guarantee that this means I won't whine anymore. Note that I do feel better about the whole thing though.

  6. And somehow the Friday Five seems to keep turning into the Friday Six. I should just do the Saturday Six but I'm not blogging on weekends so, no.My doctor finally caught me last Friday in our game of phone tag. He caught me on my cell at work. Yes, I'd love to talk to you about my private medical stuff in an office full of people, all of which can hear every word spoken, all of who LISTEN to everyone's conversations and then discusses them behind the person's back. Why yes, I am a hypochondriac (Who can't actually spell that word without looking it up.) and I'd love to talk to you in a hallway outside my office door.Point being (because I was getting off track there just a tad, or a whole, whole bunch), he agreed in my assessment that it's probably NOT my back. He agreed it made sense to order a screening for something else. I went to get blood drawn on Monday and they had no order for said screening. Maybe he thought I was insane and only agreed to get me to stop calling him long enough to change his phone number. I have no idea. The phlebotomist said she'd go over when the office opened and pick up the order. Then I received another call at work from an office worker at the doctor's saying they had no order for bloodwork. She asked if I was just insane or had he actually ordered something? Oh he did? What was it he ordered? I have no idea what the test is called and I really don't want the entire office to discuss my hypochondria (Why can I not spell that word???) so go ask HIM. ahem.

    To end: I got my blood drawn Tuesday and have no results. I'm sure they'll say I'm FINE. FINE I tell you, you damn hypochondriac! (I did it! I spelled it correctly for once!)


Cursing Mama said...

I'm holding out for hydrogen or bananna power the next time I get a car.

Cursing Mama said...

okay, I have to be honest, there are no banana powered cars I made that up.