Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Five

  1. I called in sick yesterday. And I was sick. Just not the not able to get out of bed kind. That is actually the only kind of sick that has actually caused me to miss work before yesterday. Needless to say, the children did not understand this sick. They kept saying I wasn't. I was kind of feeling like I wasn't really sick. I mean I was up walking around. I even did a couple loads of laundry and helped the youngest complete his homework. I drove myself to the doctor's. Clearly I couldn't be that sick. But really, I was. I have serious muscle fatigue, regular old fatigue and my God I'm so frigging tired. But I did not take a nap. I actually ran out of time. Still, it was a leisurely kind of day where I did things but at a much slower pace than I'm use to.

  2. The hypochondriac that I am went back to the doctor (as I mentioned above). My husband actually had to make the appointment because at the time it was determined (by him) that I really needed to follow up all those negative test results, I was too damn tired and overwhelmed to even make the phone call on Wednesday. It's sad really. I'm completely pathetic. So I went and envisioned an appointment filled with rolled eyes and pats on the head. I should make it clear here that my fine physician has never treated me that way before. But honestly, I was starting to treat myself that way and I figured if I'm sick of me being sick but not really sick with all normal tests then certainly everyone else thinks I'm a fraud.

  3. You see where this is going. He totally validated my feelings. He totally believed something is wrong. He ordered a gallon of blood to be drawn and yet more x-rays and... well, I really don't want to actually think about the other thing he ordered *cough* colonoscopy *cough*. I spent my morning on a journey of needles and nakedness and no, none of it was fun in the way nakedness should be fun. The last thing on the list is not for a couple of weeks so all ended well.

  4. The day got decidedly better after that. I got to have lunch with a friend (yes, I should have been napping) and her darling daughter. With cute! striped! purple! tights. Tights! I love tights! And none of the boys will agree to cute striped tights. Odd, I know.After paying bills, blech, I went with the 3 younger boys to their art class. It's a new place right down the street and honestly? It makes me want to quit my job and just hang out there. It is a wonderfully warm and inviting space designed to unleash your creativity. The owner has tables and chairs set up in front of the big front window for parents to hang at and even free wifi (which would be great if I owned a laptop). As it was, I knit and listened to their chatter. Maybe I'm a horrible person to admit this but I love to listen to my kids' trains of thought. They are so insightful and creative and wonderful. The bad part? I don't feel the same way about other people's kids. I know. Terrible. I'm really sorry. I'm sure YOUR kids are just as fabulous as mine, I just haven't met them.

  5. Another way one of my children has amazed me - seriously knocked my socks off amazed me - is by writing music. Let me give you a bit of background. I have been accused of being tone deaf. I enjoy music but it's like this mysterious entity to me. I have no ear for languages either. In fact, I grew up in Massachusetts and no one can figure out why I don't have an accent. It may be because I have no audio competency. Yes, it's totally a real thing. No, I did not just make that up. Ok, maybe I did. Anyway, somehow, even with having me for a mother, my NINE year old is learning three instruments, can read music, and is WRITING HIS OWN. It's the furthest thing from my comprehension. And it ROCKS!Am I the only who thinks this is amazing?

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Cursing Mama said...

So another round of tests is in process - I hope this time something is figured out.