Friday, September 19, 2008

Feel the Need to Share

I try my hardest to not post political rantings here because I do not argue them well. Do not let this cause you to believe I don't have strong feeling about these subject because - roar, I totally do. It's best really to not get me started lest I stroke out in frustration.

But I do want to pass on this link I got from... somewhere. It's been a few days and honestly I can't remember where or who mentioned the site. Just know it is completely non-partisan.

I give you the truth behind the candidate's words: .

Seriously, if you plan on voting (and I really hope you do), this might help you make your decision - either way you lean.

*And I shall label this post "dreams" because politics sometimes makes me feel like all I can do is dream and wish upon the damn stars to make things right.

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