Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hello? Am I alone here?

So I guess I've neglected this place. In my heart I think I had given up on it. But now, time has passed and I'm thinking of giving it another go. Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn't. Maybe no one cares and maybe no one will check in here to see I'm back. I suppose that's all fine. Well and good. Removes all the pressure too. So, thank you if you've forgotten about me in my little corner of cyberspace. You've made this easier.

What to say now that I've been gone so long...

The kids are enormous. As in one of them is now the tallest person in the house. The next one is gaining on us and I'm thinking in another year or so he may be the 2nd tallest. As much as this scares the crap out of me I'm glad they'll be taller than their parents. Anyone who knows us in real life knows we are little people. Not in the actual medical classification of the phrase but still, quite short. Close friends like to refer to us as Shetland people.

If you're curious about the "scares the crap out of me" comment above, that would allude to the fact that they are aging. They are entering the teen years. The older two boys are now in Junior High and although they are easier in many ways than the diaper changing/sleep deprived/just eat a healthy food, you cannot live on Cheerios and cheese alone days it is harder in more important ways. Like the stop eating everything in sight, I can't afford to feed you/how much supervision is too much and how much is not enough/what the hell are you saying in all those text messages/what do you mean that's your girlfriend, she has BOOBS way.

But I'm sure you've heard that from other parents before. You've also heard that trying to keep up with four boys schedules is nearly impossible. What the hell were we thinking having more than two children? Also, how does the most unathletic woman on the planet have a bunch of sons who live for sports? HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?

My God, the soccer schedule alone! I must also mention that the one child that is not completely thrilled with sports (although he does play lacrosse and summer soccer) takes guitar lessons and writes his own friggin' music. Did I mention I'm also the most unmusical person you will ever meet? Tone deaf may have been mention in connection with my name once or twice or eleventy-billion times.

Since I've been gone I've also managed to put on a Bar Mitzvah celebration for my oldest. (He is amazing! The work that kid put in was phenomenal!) Got a new job. Received a promotion. And had walls put up in my stairwell. That's some big changes right there.

But for now I must go. There was a topic I wanted to write on but of course, I've since forgotten what it was.

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Cursing Mama said...

Didn't expect to find you here.....
BOOBS! I know you're pain....