Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am...

I have recently realized it is time to come to a place of acceptance. Acceptance of myself. As I near 40 (keep breathing, I still have a couple more years) I need to work on my feelings about myself. (More deep breathing needed.) It looks like it may take all the remaining time to come to that place so I must start working now.

The election was a catalyst that made me realize I am tired of apologizing for who I am. I am tired of being told that what I believe isn't 'American' or 'nice' or that it makes me less somehow. I am tired of some of the labels that identify me being said as if they are terrible things one must not admit to. The following are labels that apply to me. They are all things that I've been made to feel less than proud of by someone or other.

I am a liberal.

I am a feminist.

I am a mother who works outside the home.

I believe all women should have the right to choose.

I believe in socialized medicine.

I believe any 2 consenting adults should be allowed to marry.

I try to be open-minded.

I will not apologize for these things. If anything I should be proud of them. I hope my children can say the same things when they are grown. I am not sorry.

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Cursing Mama said...

I am pretending that 40 isn't a real number. Wonder how long I can get away with that.....