Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Holiday Stuff

I am finally playing Christmas music. I've been neglecting the playlist on my ipod and sort of skirting around it. I'm not sure why. It could be that I'm afraid of burnout before the actual holiday. Am I waiting for decorating or baking or wrapping? Who knows. And no, I have done NONE of those things yet.

The holiday newsletter is ALMOST ready to print. Yes, I'm one of those annoying people that send out a newsletter. I know. I'd like to stop but I have had complaints when I did. This year I did something a little different. I made the boys write their own blurbs. I have to say it's not nearly as funny as I had hoped/expected. They may actually be more boring than me. If anyone has ideas to spice it up I'd appreciate it. (and so would the recipients)

In other news, I realized I've gone a bit crazy with the gifts this year. It's the first year in 14 that I've been working full time. FOURTEEN. YEARS. So to say we have a little more cash to work with would be an accurate assessment. Not that I can go completely insane but I can actually shop without the palpatations of the past. The downside to this, I just realized, is I have to now WRAP all the gifts. I'm not a talented wrapper. And I really want to do it up right this year. I got the gifts and now I need to make them look like the treats that they are. The big question... do I even have wrapping paper? And where does one buy nice paper? My kids are out of preschool and to be honest, most of my wrapping paper purchases came from their fundraisers. I'm a bit of a wrapping paper snob in that I like a nice heavy paper. That flimsy stuff just pisses me off. Don't even get me started on the stuff you can see through. Who the hell thought that was a good idea? Cheap? Yes. Worth it? NO.

I suppose I will have to plan a wrapping/decorating weekend. It also seems it will have to be this weekend as I'm starting to run out of time. Hanuakkah starts in a mere 11 days. The good thing is the kids' Hanukkah gifts don't get wrapped. I bought big, blue gift bags one year and decorated them with the kids' names with a silver sharpie. Since then I have had to replace them once but for the most part I just drop the gifts in and hand them over each night. Since Hanukkah is not as big a celebration on the nights it's just the immediate family and we're usually short on time (school nights you know) it works well.

Now I just have to get the husband to take the kids somewhere while I set up a little workshop for myself to crank out the gifts.

Hope your holiday plans are moving along smoothly.


Denice said...

I love the new blog and don't feel bad about the is such a nice thing for everyone.

Goodluck with your workshop and getting the hubs to take the kids for awhile.

Cursing Mama said...

After I finish up my stash of wrapping paper I'm going to use either kraft paper or newsprint; both can be recycled and I've lost my ever lovin' mind when it comes to greening up my life.

As for the newsletter (haven't even started mine) how about a historical timeline them...could do 1 for each kid - or have them do their own to go with their blurbs....