Thursday, December 11, 2008

Love Thursday

I spent $1.66/gal for gas this morning. ONE DOLLAR SIXTY SIX CENTS. I can't tell you the last time gas was this cheap. Also? The gas near my house? Between $1.99 and $2.04. By work? Between $1.66 and $1.89. It astounds me. Really. I paid $6.50 LESS than I would have if I bought it around the corner from my house. That is huge people. I work about 30 miles from home. The husband works about 45 miles from home and the temple we attend is about 40 miles from home. That's a lot of gas. That's a lot of savings.

More Loving...
If you still need a gift for that hard to buy person. Any person really. I have the PERFECT gift. Bath towels. No really. Not lame like it sounds. Everyone needs bath towels. And these towels are the most luxuriant, absorbent, soft towels on the planet. They are even good for the planet as they are a bamboo cotton mix. The price right now (on sale at Amazon) is between $16.50 - $17.99 depending on color. This is one of those things that no one knows they need. They don't know they want them until you give them to them. BUY THEM. I have 2 and I don't let anyone else in the house use them. They are MINE. Love.

Still need more loving thoughts?
My job. Still love it. Finally feel like I found my niche here at the old place of employment. You may recall how much I despised the job I was originally hired to do. HATE. But the job they offered me at the end of the summer? LOVE.

So this isn't about the love of people but it is love all the same.

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mw said...

My primary expense in life is gas, and I'm astounded at how low it's gone as well - I paid $1.51 on the last tank. Whoo Hoo!

That is so cool that you love your job. That is a rare thing, and you are lucky indeed.

Fun post - thank you (Netchick aka Tanya sent me, btw, and I'm glad to be here)