Thursday, February 26, 2009

What mind?

I was going to write about my youngest today but, well, I forgot what he said this morning that I wanted to remember. So much for using this blog as my memory. It only works when I remember something for long enough to write about it. My mind, it is going. Ha! That's optomistic.

My mind, it is gone. There, that's more accurate.

Something that is currently on my mind is the absolute torment of working at a university where I am able to take classes for free, where I am constantly working on class schedules and yet have absolutely no time to actually take a course. It's kind of like being at a buffet of all your favorite foods but you're not allowed to eat them. I keep thinking I could fit a course in if I really wanted to but then I wonder when I will do the homework, go to class, do reading and research and realize, hell, I don't even have time to grocery shop most weeks. Who am I kidding? Maybe when the kids are old enough to drive.

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