Monday, November 22, 2010

Guess what I did this weekend...

  1. Paint

  2. Paint

  3. Paint

  4. Paint
If you guessed Paint, you would be correct.

I did also go out with my wimmins on Friday night to celebrate someone's 40th birthday (not mine - ok, sort of mine too since 2 of said wimmins will not be able to return for my birthday next month). It was all fun and games until the birthday girl fell off the bull and bumped her head (this time I really mean it when I say - not me.). Alas, it was time for me to get home anyway. I had an early morning of home stores to spend my last paycheck.

I suppose we are closer to getting the house on the market but it feels like it will NEVER BE DONE. Never, ever. No really, there will always be another piece of trim to paint or put another coat on. The painting. It is going to kill me.

I am choosing to believe the Stadium Red is done. Almost done with the Arabian Sands. Have not started the Mushroom Bisque or the Pale Honey. I have just finished one can of bright white semi-gloss on the trim. I have not even begun in the bedrooms yet.

We are also replacing the floor in the foyer. The original wood floor was damaged one summer when we were out of town camping and came back to find the upstairs toilet leaked. That was oh, about 3 years ago. We are FINALLY replacing it. And the new floor is about 1/2 way in. So yay! for that.

We also are waiting on a contractor to put up some drywall around the two new doors we had put in last winter. What? You don't live with studs and insulation just hanging out in your kitchen for a year? What kind of people are you? I lived without walls in the stairwell for YEARS people. YEARS!

We may have different standards, you and I.

So, does anyone have an urge to paint? I might be able to help you out if that's the case.

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