Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Where in the World

is would you go?

I've decided to use another of Miss Zoot's prompts. This one is about travel. Assuming you have unlimited funds to make this year/month/week EXACTLY how you'd want it to be. And when you come back - your job is waiting for you. Where would you go:

If you could spend ONE WEEK anywhere in the world, where would you go?
One week... I've always wanted to spend a week at some exotic beach resort with frozen drinks and no kids. Warm breezes and that blue, blue water you see in all the ads. Just a beach, a frosty drink and either my husband or my girls. The word of the week would be RELAX. Oh, and no forgetting the kindle.

If you could spend ONE MONTH anywhere in the world, where would you go?
My new travel obsession is Greece. I have no idea why beyond those blue waters and white houses on the hills. Cliffs? Mountains? Whatever they are. It will take me a month to get used to all the stairs but it will only take a moment to get used to the delicious, delicious food. A month would give me time to explore, relax, create, eat, and just soak in the atmosphere. The light there makes me want to take up painting or drawing or my camera.

If you could spend ONE YEAR anywhere in the world, where would you go?
This is a hard one. I like my house and my life and a whole year away would make me sad. But, if I had to go for a year it would be with a flight to Europe and a Eurail Global Pass. That covers 24 countries. Of course, I'd have to add England and Scotland. Money is no object! Isn't that what the prompt says? So all those places! A year should be enough time. Oh, do I get to travel with an interpreter? I'm going to need one of those.

Tell me where you would go in the comments! Or put a link to your blog post about this in the comments. Please! I want to know.


gosmmy said...

Tahiti...a day, a week, a month, forever......

John Calder said...

One week: Japan. I want to experience akihabra and a Japanese baseball game.
One month: Egypt. Because of the history.
One year: Scotland. To see the land of my ancestors.

sparky said...

One week: Israel.
One month: Can't decide between somewhere in the American West, like the Rockies or Arizona, or Australia. Probably Australia because I've not been.
One year: Adirondack High Peaks region.