Thursday, June 3, 2004


Why is it the one morning I get up early to work they all get up? I have been waking the troops around 7:45 lately but today they are all up by 6:45? I was looking forward to a quiet hour to organize the day - but no. I didn't even have time to make a cup of coffee before the neediness began.

Starting the rewrite on my WIP. It is in sad, sad shape. The thing is, I'm just happy to have it in any shape right now. Tyler snagged it and actually took it to bed last night, refusing to let me work on it because he was in the middle of reading it. I know, no one cares what your kids think. The thing is, I do. It is nice to know someone will enjoy it even if it is only my offspring.

Finally sunny here. A nice, productive day to all...

(but not too productive or I'll feel the slacker)

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