Saturday, June 26, 2004


Now besides the whining of small children I must deal with a rejection. Not your average rejection which I'm use to but a slap-in-face one that arrived in this morning's mail.

This rejection was on a submission I sent out on May 2, 2003. Yes, I said 2003. It consisted of my SASE and a form reject. No mention of the actual manuscript, in fact, no manuscript. It is common practice that when one submits a manuscript and SASE with enough postage to return the manuscript, the publisher actually returns it. I figure they lost all materials I sent but the SASE and just stuck the form in to ease any guilt they were feeling.

The rejection was from an editor I have worked on revisions for in the past (on another manuscript which she did not buy - and I scrapped the revisions) and sent 2 status queries on this particular piece. I never heard back. I had actually given up.

I'm excited I sent out two reworked pieces this week. I've had good feelings about them. This has put a bit of a damper on things. Oh well, three manuscripts out and more to work on. I'd better get on with it...

5/79 & everyone still alive

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