Friday, June 18, 2004

One Day Left...

One day left of school... ~sniff, sniff~ Actually, Dylan graduates on Monday and we bring him home with us. So this is it... Whaaa!

Weather here is drab and foggy. Not the best time for that. Dylan has the annual kindergarten zoo field trip and Alex was suppose to have a play outside day - something about tennis and a sprinkler.


They had a beautiful baby boy on June 16th. Can't wait to see him. Think they'll let me hold him? I've had a terrible case of baby lust lately. This would be a great way to get past it.

CONGRATULATIONS to Denise Ortakales, my newest crit buddy and the reason for the new Critmunks group I belong to. She just found out her book The Legend Of The Old Man Of The Mountain will be featured on the cover of the NEBA Holiday Catalog. YAY! (NEBA = New England Booksellers Association)The book will be out in September 2004.

Off to actually work!

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