Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Too Early For Such Questions...

I didn't even have time to wonder about what I was writing today when the moment all mom's pray never happens, happened. My 5 y/o walked in at an inopportune moment (don't they always) and saw me placing something in my underwear.

"What is that called?"

"A pad or pantiliner."

"Why does it go there." He pointed.

"Do you really want to know?"

"Um hum." He shook his head vigorously.

"It's kind of gross." Maybe not what I should have said but better than what I wanted to say... "I'm not telling and you can't make me!"

"Yes, why?"

...and then I told him. Yes honey, if you're reading this, Dylan knows about that now. I told him it would be better if he didn't tell people about it because it might make them uncomfortable and it really isn't something we talk about. Again, might not be the best thing to say but it is better than the whole story coming out in the grocery at top volume, a phone call from one of his friends parents, or a blow-by-blow description to a older male relative while I'm present (I really don't need that look that says, "WHY, would you tell him that?") Okay, so I will hear that as soon as hubby reads this but once is enough.

And all this before 9 a.m.

How many days before they go back to school?

9/79 - 70? Arghhhh!

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Anonymous said...

Your hubby must be a real dolt if you expect him to get upset about that. Me, I'm still drooling after following your link to Pie in the Sky. Vermont doesn't really make you think of pizza...More like granola and hummus and cheese.

Bloody Jack C