Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Weather, Vermont & Food

Yes, I'm reduced to discussing the weather. I'm not really complaining about the weather. It is a little odd that at the end of June we are still wearing pants and long sleeves.

My main concern is with each chilly day that passes we are that much closer to our camping trip. In Vermont. In the mountains. Where it is always cooler. I do not sleep well in the cold. Outside. On the ground. Actually, I wake up with migraines in those conditions. Hence the concern.

I'm hoping for a heat wave the second weekend in July. Then it can cool off again. Hot is good. There is a lake. Even hot and rainy would be okay. Cold and wet - a disaster.

Besides, it is more fun to eat Ben & Jerry's when hot. (we must always stop at B&J's) Yes, one reason I agree to drive so far for a camping trip each year is the fact we MUST pass the B&J factory to and from the campground. That means we MUST stop there.

One more note... If you are looking for the best pizza on the planet, go to Pie In The Sky in Stowe. Simply the best.



Anonymous said...

I dig dirt. I dig dirt.
Yes I do. Yes I do.
Scoop it in a pile.
Lift it up and dump it.
Dig up more.

Or some such nonsense... Just trying to help.

Bloody Jack Cash

MoMMY said...

No, no, no...
I dig dirt. I dig dirt.
Yes I do. Yes I do.
Scoop it in a bucket.
Dump it in a pile.
Pick up more. Pick up more.

Curse you!