Sunday, July 18, 2004

A Chipmunk's Zest For Life (Oh, and the kids' )

The good news is:

We have seen a chipmunk whizzing around actually looking happy to be alive. Not afraid to be in the open and looking like he has a new lease on life. Granted, it may not be the same chipmunk but I really think there is only one living here so who else could it be. As for projecting the will to live on the chipmunk... I'm not. Even my husband, who missed the terror & sadness, had a change of heart when he saw the little guy running about in the side yard. His original comment was, "There are millions of chipmunks in the world." (Implying it wasn't the same one.) But after seeing with his own eyes... he seems to agree - This could only be a creature that had a near death experience.

The bad news:

Well, I don't have any. I just felt like it was required to balance the equation.

The not enough coffee to deal with this news:

The children are running around wielding swords, or things they can use as swords such as brooms & plastic light sabers, screaming, locking each other out of the house. All while I sit here and alternately try to ignore and try to restore order amongst them. The problem is they get mad at ME when I unlock the door and let the banished child in. Even the banished child only is happy because they can then run full force, screaming toward the locker-outer. Apparently this is some game they find very fun. And selfishly, I see this as:

  1. Them getting exercise.
  2. Them leaving me alone to blog and catch up on e-mail.
  3. Them using their imaginations.
  4. Them getting fresh air. (Granted they are still in their pj's)
  5. In my defense, I did feed them breakfast as soon as I ventured downstairs this morning.

But now I need more coffee. The noise and chaos is driving me mad...

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