Monday, July 19, 2004


It is Monday once again. My favorite day of the week. Yes, it's true. Most people are appalled when I tell them this. But here is why...
  1. Monday is the day the new week starts.
  2. I am usually organized and ready to face it.
  3. The kids go off to school (or in today's case, camp).
  4. My routine starts again. 
Sound good to you?

Today starts webloes camp for Alex. I'm nervous. I'll admit it. This will be the first year he goes to overnight camp without Jeff. ACK! I'm sure he'll be fine. Of all the kids, he will do the best on his own. I do know other parents going who will look after him. (Trying to convince myself here that he will be fine.) I can't even drop him off though and that is tough. What, you ask is so important I can't drop my oldest at camp? I must go into the city and pick up Dylan at his new camp. That's what. A good friend is driving Alex and her own son. They'll have more fun together. In fact, Jeff usually drives all four of them to camp so it should be reassuring to Alex. Familiar, except that Dad won't be there. If you here me boo hooing around 11 am, you'll know why.

Dylan... yes, he is going back to Arts In Action camp. It is a 1/2 day program put on by a music school in the city. They do art projects, music, and creative movement. On Friday, we have a chance to go and watch them perform and see their "gallery show". He went last year and it was a huge success. (Of course last year he missed the first day because I completely forgot to look at the calendar and totally just forgot all about it - Bad Mom Award) So off he goes with Jeff to work. Jeff will take him to camp and I will pick him up at lunch. (Note from Dylan: I also have snack there.)

So we start this week with bags packed, early mornings and lots to do. (and a little bit of piece and quiet!)


Anonymous said...

How long is Alex gone? Is it long enough that I can write him a letter and it'll get to him before he leaves?
Aunt Shana
P.S.- He'll be fine... mom and dad were happily shipping us off to camp on our own by his age.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for blogrolling me. I am enjoying reading your blog, too. I love Mondays during the school year. Now that it's summer, it's like any other day. Cheers! Birdie (