Saturday, July 17, 2004

Chipmunk Update

I never did make the cake. We went to check on the chipmunk and he had made it about 25 feet from where we had last seen the little guy. (It could have been a girl but in this house everything is considered male unless there is proof to the contrary.) He was resting when we found him. His eyes were clear and opened wide and he seemed much more alert. By the time we checked again, he was gone.

So... good luck little chippy. May you have a long life and avoid mouse traps.

I do doubt he will return to his home near our house. I know I wouldn't return. (And he was heading in the opposite direction of where I usually see him.)

The only other problem I see is that the lawn is tall with weeds and I wanted to mow this morning. I'm afraid I may accidentally come across the little guy with the mower. I'd put it off for another day (yes, this note is a bit of procrastination) but our house is now "that house." You know the one. All the other lawns on the block are mowed. Ours is so tall we are in danger of losing the children. BUT, it is finally sunny and more rain is expected soon. So, off I go to get dressed and mow. I'll try to keep my eyes peeled and hopefully you won't have to hear about an impending funeral.

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