Friday, July 16, 2004

Sad Day In Davis Household

It is a sad day here in the Davis household. What we thought was a fat, gray mouse was in reality an adorable chipmunk. The chipmunk now seems to have brain damage from the trap. I relocated him outside with a piece of cardboard.

He is moving slowly and resting often. He has actually improved a bit since the incident with the trap. He is now walking a bit. The initial prognosis was to end his suffering since death seemed imminent but I am unable to do that. I just can't kill him no matter how humane it may be.

The boys are devastated. Zach is taking it particularly hard. He keeps saying he doesn't like 'big chipmunks' (aka squirrels) but loves little chipmunks. He repeats every so often that he doesn't want the little chipmunk to die. In fact, he has decided I should bake a cake and give the chipmunk a tiny piece to make him feel better. Not sure where he came up with this idea but it has stuck.

"Mom, you make a cake and then we can give the chipmunk a tiny, tiny piece. It will make him feel better and then he will be all better."

"No honey, I don't think he wants any cake right now."

"Just make it and we will give him a tiny piece. Really. It will make him feel better."

"Zach, I'm not making a cake."

 "Don't you want him to get better?"

"Yes, but I'm not making a cake."
At which point he went to stand at the back door and rest his forehead on the glass. He then peered out and had a very sad face on. Broke my heart.

Maybe I should go make a cake right now...



Anonymous said...

Maybe he's in shock, Heidi. I've had that happen with birds sometimes our cat used to bring in. They'd lay mostly still, breathing heavy for quite awhile (an hour often), then fly off.

Keep him safe from predators and give him a little time. I'll say a chipmunk prayer for him for the boy's benefit. :-)

Hug, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Duh, I just noticed this was posted yesterday. So, inquiring minds want to know: did you bake a cake?


MoMMY said...

I decided to answer your question in my next entry. No cake, seemingly healthy hamster. Thanks for the support!