Monday, July 26, 2004

Girls' Weekend

I'm back. The weekend was wonderful. It was relaxing and full of fun activities. Our cruise director and hostess was Nene. She lives in the country in Upstate NY and has a plethora of animals - cats, chickens, ducks and a dog. She also has three children and a husband. They were nice enough to sleep outside Friday night and then vacate the premises Saturday morning.

We talked, laughed,  drank, laughed, made bracelets, took nature walks, talked, painted, pet two ducks and a chicken, laughed some more, painted our nails, designed a logo for t-shirts, talked more, made said shirts, and had our cards and palms read. Oh, we also squeezed in two movies and more talk and laughter. All of this and it was slow, relaxed and simply in the top ten of days of my life. Even the weather was beautiful - blue skies, sunny, cool with a breeze.

The weekend seemed to rejuvenate us all. Thank you Nene for hosting. Thank you Bobbie, Kathy & Dana for traveling so far. Thank you Shari for the ride home. And thank all of you for being there. It wouldn't have been the same if anyone was missing. We all added our own special thing (for lack of a better word) to the weekend. It was truly magical.

PS- I did not return with a hat. Maybe next year. And thanks to Mike for guest blogging. Great job!

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