Thursday, July 15, 2004


I thought I had an agreement with the dust bunnies. I thought the deal was I leave them alone and they would stay out of sight. They broke my trust...

Last night and again today I found they were hiding spiders. Not just one or two but actual spider families with eggs and all. Now I am a modern woman and will deal with most things - spider eggs are not one of these things. I demanded Jeff dispose of them immediately. Again, I'm not one to demand my husband to do much. He usually does the things that need to be done on his own or with a simple request. I was not able to wait for him to get a moment to deal with the offending eggs. It had to be done NOW. (side note: they are gone, floors are swept and vacuumed, dust bunnies beware!) BTW, I thought spiders moved inside when winter was approaching. Granted it is cold, but mid-JULY???

One other invader in our house is being (hopefully) disposed of tonight. It is a fat, gray mouse. It has been hanging out in our laundry room. Just when I thought I blocked the hole they get in through. Guess it wasn't the one. It has been visiting for the last week or two. Only being spotted on occasion and making a beeline back outside. It stays out of the rest of the house which is why I have tolerated it thus far. But it is now war against nature. Don't get me wrong, I love nature - just not IN MY HOUSE!

Any advice for keeping nature at bay - please comment.

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